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Read About Afghan Hound

There are few dogs who appear as elegant and refined as the Afghan Hound. The Afghan Hound, which has also been known as a Tazi or Baluchi Hound, is known for its log, refined head and a top knot of long silky hair. ImageThese dogs have a short-haired saddle, which is in contrast to the long hair that grows from their legs and lower sides and a distinctive ring of tail. For a time, they were popular in dog shows, though they have not caught on as much as house pets.

If you are considering owning an Afghan Hound, there are few things to consider. One is where you live. These dogs generally do best as household dogs who have access to the outdoors. If you live in a city or town, this may mean you need a leash to take your dog on walks. Afghan Hounds need soft beds to sleep on, at night. They have slightly lower energy levels than many other dog breeds, but still require exercise to keep from being bored and restless. If you live in the country, this can work out very well since an Afghan Hound would then have its area to run around and exercise, but also the house and soft bed it needs. They did originate from Afghanistan (no surprise there) and so do have a tolerance for colder climates, if need be. That said, they still should be considered a medium sized house dog that does well in the country.

Afghan Hounds are, in general, a breed that tends to be known for being a little aloof and proud. ImageTraining requires patience and good temperament. Obedience training, in particular, demands the owner to be persistent, yet calm, since Afghan Hounds have a reputation of being reluctant to come when called. They are generally not mischievous animals and tend to be well behaved indoors, though they were originally bred as hunting dogs, so although they should, with proper training, live peacefully with small pets inside the house, outside they may want to chase small animals. So make sure to have a leash, or at the very least, a collar and ID tags. Even though they may not be overtly affectionate like other breeds, keep in mind that dogs are still social creatures and need social interaction with their owners to stay well-behaved and healthy.

The Afghan Hound is a beautiful animal and when you look at them, it is easy to see why they would be considered good show dogs. That being said, the most obvious turn-off for someone as a dog owner with the Afghan Hound is the grooming requirements. The Afghan Hound requires quite a bit of work grooming. To keep a good appearance as well as general health, an Afghan Hound should have its coat washed and brushed a minimum of twice a week and perhaps more, depending on environment. You will want a good shampoo and a good cream rinse. The nails should also be kept cut to a reasonable length.

The benefit of all this work and effort is the affection of a loyal animal friend, a faithful companion. There is the pride of seeing the work pay off as your Afghan Hound will surely be one of the most elegant and beautiful dogs around.