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Read About AKC Boxer

AKC Boxer Dogs are high-spirited and intelligent and can be stimulating companions. Here's everything you need to know about this dog breed.

AKC Boxer - Facts

  1. AKC Group:

  2. Size & Weight:

    22-25 inches, 60-70 lbs.
  3. Coat:

    The AKC Boxer has a shining, well-fitted coat that can be of brindle, white, and shades of red.
  4. ImageHead & Muzzle:

    The head of an AKC Boxer is well in proportion to the body.
  5. Body:

    AKC Boxers are mid-sized well-muscled dogs
  6. Colors:

    AKC Boxer can be seen in fawn, brindle, white, and multiple shades of red. It can also have white spots.
  7. Life Expectancy:

    About 11-12 years.
  8. Popularity:

    AKC Boxer is a fairly popular breed.
  9. Habitat:

    The AKC Boxer cannot tolerate extreme climate. However, the AKC Boxer is a good apartment dog as it is fairly active indoors.

AKC Boxer - Origins

  1. Country of Origin:

  2. Lineage:

    AKC Boxer is a cross of the Mastiff and Bulldog.
  3. Date Admitted to AKC:

    February 11, 2005
  4. Historical Information:

    The AKC Boxer was known to be a dog used as a cart-puller, hunter, and for bull baiting. After several generations, the AKC Boxer was used as a cattle dog as well.

AKC Boxer - Defining Characteristics

  1. Training Ease:

    AKC Boxer is an intelligent dog that needs good training. However, it is not difficult to train an AKC Boxer.
  2. Temperament:

    AKC Boxer is an affectionate, energetic, and high-spirited dog. However, it is also boisterous and has to be trained well.
  3. Child Friendly:

    AKC Boxer makes for a wonderful family pet as it behaves very well with children.
  4. Behavior:

    A very well behaved dog, the AKC Boxer makes for both an excellent family dog and watchdog.
  5. Habits:

    AKC Boxer can snore and has a habit of jumping on other people for affection. AKC Boxer also drools.

AKC Boxer - Concerns

  1. Health Issues:

    AKC Boxer has a higher chance at getting tumors than any other dog. It is also prone to epilepsy.
  2. Feeding:

    AKC Boxer should be fed according to its physical activity. It doesn't have a huge appetite.
  3. Exercise Needs:

    AKC Boxer is active as well as intelligent so it needs to be exercised well. Exercise your AKC Boxer regularly. It loves walking and fetching balls and Frisbees.
  4. Grooming Needs:

    Since the AKC Boxer has short and smooth hair it is easy to groom. The AKC Boxer doesn't need to be bathed often. It sheds hair at an average rate.
  5. Special Household Needs:

    AKC Boxer doesn't need anything special in the house except that the temperature should be adjusted according to the comfort of the AKC Boxer as it cannot tolerate extreme temperatures.
  6. Travel Needs:

    AKC Boxer makes for a good travel dog.
  7. Getting Along With Other Pets:

    An AKC Boxer that has been well trained will get along well with other dogs and pets in the house. However, choose your dog carefully as some AKC Boxers are extremely aggressive. The female AKC Boxer tends to get into fights with other female AKC Boxers very often.

AKC Boxer -- How to Choose

  1. ImageWhat to Look for in a Healthy Puppy:

    A healthy AKC Boxer should have cropped ears raised high. It should be alert and its forehead should not have any wrinkles.
  2. What you will Need for a New Puppy:

    A small yard or a doghouse will be needed.
  3. Puppy-Proofing your House:

    AKC Boxer is not aggressive and doesn't have a tendency to damage things in the house. However, for precaution, keep fragile things away.
  4. How to Make your New Puppy Feel at Home:

    AKC Boxer, like other dogs, needs a lot of love.