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Read About Air Conditioned Dog House


An Air Conditioned Dog House is a must-have item in the hottest regions of the country. Here is everything you need to know about this dog product.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

Just like humans, dogs feel the heat of a scorching summer day. In fact, they get hot faster than humans because of their fur and also because they don't sweat like we do. If your dog is an outside dog and bringing her inside during the hottest months isn't really an option, consider getting an air-conditioning unit for her dog house.

There are many styles and models of dog house air conditioners on the market today. Search online or ask your local pet supply store about your options. Some stores will offer deals on installation, too. Other stores offer reduced (or free) installation if you buy an A/C unit with a new dog house. If you do get an air conditioner, make sure the dog house has a door to keep in the cool air.

Many air-conditioning units also come with a built-in dehumidifier, which can be a lifesaver on those wet, hot days. Dry heat is hard enough for dogs, but the humid heat can really get them down.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioned Dog House

Once the air-conditioning unit is installed, you'll want to observe how your dog reacts to it. If she chews it or bites it, she'll have to be trained not to immediately. Biting or chewing power cords or unit housings could become a fire or electric shock danger.

Clean air filters at least once a month. If the air filter is damaged, replace it altogether. Maintain your dog house A/C unit just like you would maintain the unit in your home.

Check cords and housings regularly for signs of wear or faulty connection. Keeping electric-powered appliances running outside requires a little more vigilance and observation than running the same product inside. Even if your dog leaves the A/C unit alone, other animals may chew cords, rain can damage metal components, and children playing in the yard can accidentally break things.

Running an air conditioner for your dog will cost a little bit of money (usually around a dollar a day unless it is running 24 hours a day), but if you care about her comfort, the cost shouldn't be an issue. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you are hot enough to want the air conditioner on in your house, you can assume that your dog probably feels the same.