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Signs of Dog Skin Problems

Signs of dog skin problems can include itching, flaking skin, and hair loss. Although covered with fur, dogs tend to have sensitive skin. In some cases, that can mean it takes very little to irritate your dog’s skin. While most dogs suffer from some irritation at some point, many dogs rarely experience very serious skin problems.

Itching is a common sign of dog skin problems can be caused by a number of reasons. A common cause for itching is infestation with fleas, ticks, lice, or another parasite. Many dogs have an allergic reaction to the saliva of fleas, and flea bites become even more of a skin irritation for these dogs. Examine your dog’s fur closely for signs your dog has fleas. Fleas are very small, so they can be hard to detect. They also prefer dark hiding places, so you may be more likely to see signs your dog has fleas deep within his fur or on his belly and the insides of his legs. Aside from seeing the fleas themselves, seeing “flea dirt” is a sign your dog has fleas. “Flea dirt” is the waste left behind from fleas, and looks a lot like tiny flecks on black pepper on your dog’s skin. Since part of this waste is made up of dried blood, if you place a few flecks of it on a damp paper towel it will likely spread out into a small blood stain after a few minutes. “Flea dirt” is a sure sign your dog has fleas.