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Read About 5 Gallon Aquarium

A 5 gallon aquarium is a very small fish tank, but is a great tank to use as a starter tank.

The 5 gallon tank

The 5 gallon aquarium is very small. In fact, it’s about half the size of the 10 gallon fish tanks that are among the most popular tanks sold in fish stores. Though the 5 gallon aquarium is very small and is really only good for holding about one fish, it’s a great way to teach children how to take care of fish.

Like all aquariums, these aquariums need to be cleaned, but they’re small enough that a supervised child can learn to clean the tank. A 5 gallon aquarium is also small enough that a child can keep the fish in his or her room, which also helps teach the kid about taking care of an animal.

What kind of fish can go in the tank?

Even though the 5 gallon aquarium is a little tank, it can hold some pretty cool fish. One fish that actually does much better by itself is the beta fish. Betas are also called Siamese fighting fish and they have long flowing fins. They come in many different colors and are hearty, but should be kept by themselves because they are fighters and will kill other fish.

What else does my tank need?

Your 5 gallon aquarium will also need some gravel and a water purifier. If you want to you can also decorations to place at the bottom of the aquarium. Humans love to decorate fish tanks because they give the tank a little personality. If you get a fish like the beta, it’s a good idea to put some kind of foliage or fake foliage in the tank because these fish like to hide.

Keeping the aquarium up to snuff

A tank as small as a 5 gallon aquarium will not have enough room for a water filter, which means that the tank will have to be cleaned more frequently than a larger tank. This aquarium will also be too small to host an alga eating fish. Algae eating fish help keep tanks clean because they eat the algae that would otherwise collect on the cage.

To keep your fish healthy, make sure to clean your 5 gallon aquarium once a week. You will also need to make sure to clean the water and scrub the sides of the aquarium and the gravel. This will keep the 5 gallon aquarium clean enough for your fish.