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Read About 55 Gallon Aquarium

A 55 gallon aquarium can be a good idea if you plan to house multiple fish in your aquarium. Here's everything you need to know about this product.

55 Gallon Aquarium - What are they?

  1. Description:

    These tanks are large containers in which to keep fish, plants, and aquatic animals.
  2. Who Needs These?

    You will need to purchase an aquarium if you plan on keeping a fish or other water-loving plants or animals in your house.
  3. Why Do You Need These?

    Fish and other aquatic plants and animals can only survive and thrive in a water environment.
  4. Types:

    Aquariums are typically constructed of high-grade plastic, acrylic or glass.
  5. Benefits:

    All-glass aquariums are very sturdy, while plastic and acrylic aquariums are lighter and easier to set up and move.

55 Gallon Aquarium - Uses

  1. For Young Pets:

    Young fish are very active and will appreciate the extra space in a 55 gallon aquarium.
  2. For Adult Pets:

    Adult fish will best adapt to a tank that has plenty of plants, coral, and hiding places, which can be placed comfortably in this size tank.
  3. For Aging Pets:

    Your older fish will enjoy a tank that is quiet and clean. This size tank will make a nice home for older fish.

55 Gallon Aquarium - Tips

  1. Varieties:

    Aquariums vary between all-glass enclosures and plastic or acrylic tanks.
  2. Quality Choices:

    Acrylic and plastic tanks make good purchases if you need an aquarium that can easily be moved. All-glass aquariums are sturdier, but are harder to move from place to place.
  3. Where to Use:

    Your aquarium may be used in any room that has a moderate temperature and a flat surface or floor. Do not set your aquarium in direct sunlight.

55 Gallon Aquarium - Concerns

  1. Safety Issues:

    Water leakage from your aquarium could cause damage to floors or carpeting. Also, be careful about electrical outlets and cords becoming wet when you are filling or changing your water.
  2. Behavioral Issues:

    It is important to routinely check all of your aquarium sealants and equipment. Discard any pieces that are not working correctly. This should not affect the behavior of your fish.
  3. Convenience:

    A 55 gallon aquarium will have a large opening on the top for easy feeding of fish, cleaning and filling of the tank.

55 Gallon Aquarium - How to Choose

  1. For Young Pets:

    Select the appropriate amount of gravel and plants to help foster activity in young fish.
  2. For Adult Pets:

    Adult fish will enjoy having the extra space of a 55 gallon aquarium to chase each other. Choose a tank that will give them the space necessary for these activities.
  3. For Aging Pets:

    An older fish will spend less time swimming and more time taking advantage of hiding spots and full plants found in these large tanks, so choose one that gives your older fish the space needed.
  4. Expense:

    Prices for a 55 gallon aquarium can start at under $100 for a gently used aquarium, and may travel into hundreds of dollars for a new aquarium.
  5. Other items you might need with this product:

    Besides purchasing your aquarium, you will want to purchase a water filtration system, fish, food, plants, and tank decorations.