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Fish Care While You Are Gone

Fish care while you are gone requires some serious advanced planning. After all the caring you've done for your pet, the last thing you want to come home to after a vacation is a tank in serious disaster, right?

If you will be gone for just about two to three days, then fish care while you are gone is not a problem. You fish can survive your short absence. But if you're going away for longer periods of time, then you will have to seriously consider your options in fish care while you are gone.

Consider yourself lucky if you have a friend or neighbor who is knowledgeable and willing in doing fish care while you are gone. But even with that, spending some time with your fish caretaker is a good idea to explain feeding or emergency measures in fish care while you are gone. During these orientation sessions, you have to explain daily food allotments and why it is important not to overfeed the fish. Show the person how things should be done, then have the person go through everything to make sure everything is understood correctly.