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Real Or Fake Aquarium Plants

Real or fake aquarium plants can give a more natural look to any tank. An abundance of lush, green plants in an aquarium never fail to get attention, and makes fish happy, too. They serve as little nooks where fish can hide, rest or lay eggs. Since real or fake aquarium plants tend to simulate their natural environment, fish are naturally more relaxed around them. Additionally, just like what real plants do for us humans, they also produce oxygen for our beloved finned friends and consume nitrogeneous wastes they excrete.

A few words of caution, though: having real or fake aquarium plants in your tank is not without glitches. Plants naturally attract algal growth, so if you have fake plants, you will have to take time to clean them out every so often. For real plants, this is not so much a problem, as they have inherent mechanisms to prevent algal growth. Go for silk-made fake plants if you will, mostly because they are easier to clean.