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Read About Black Horse

Black Horse of any breed is beautiful to look at and graceful. Here's everything you need to know about these horses.

Black Horse - Horse Type Facts

  1. Type Description:

    Some horses come in only black colors and some in black and occasionally other colors. Friesian and Ariegeois horses come in only black color. Other horses like Percheron and Kabarding come in black and other colors.
  2. Varieties:

    Black color is usual in many horses as it is one of the base colors in horses. Apart from the horses that are originally black there are horses that are classified as Fading black, Non-fading black and Smokey black.
  3. Uses:

    These horse are strong and are being used to pull carriages and work in farms. The Friesian is very graceful and is used for special occasions.
  4. Training:

    The horses should be trained gradually by introducing them to new activities one by one. The Percheron is very obedient and can be trained to work in a short time. The Friesian is also easy to train.
  5. Regular Care:

    Friesian and Ariegeois have a thick mane and they should be brushed daily to remove dead and loose hairs. The stables where the horses are kept should be clean and they should have access to fresh water.

Black Horse - Horse Type Characteristics

  1. Shared Traits:

    These horses have a gentle and kind temperament. They are strongly built making them suitable for pulling carriages or working.
  2. Behavior:

    These horses have a pleasing disposition and are very gentle. Horses like Friesian are very active.
  3. Child Friendly:

    Horses are social creatures and are very gentle. They are friendly with children. But children should be under supervision while riding as they might fall and hurt themselves. Some horses are meant for advanced and experienced riders and children are not recommended for such horses.
  4. Physical Attributes:

    These horses are strongly built and some have thick manes. Friesian and Percheron can measure up to 17 hh while Ariegeois is smaller than them.
  5. Health Issues:

    Horses are generally prone to influenza or flu and lameness. The horses should be given general and dental checkups regularly.

Black Horse - How to Choose a Horse Type

  1. What to Look For:

    When buying a foal make sure you see the parents of the foul or at least their pictures. Always get a foul from reputed breeders. The foul should look healthy and active.
  2. Supplies:

    You will need stable supplies, feed and tack appropriate for the horse.
  3. Expense:

    Acquiring and maintaining horses is an expensive affair. The price of the horse changes according to the purpose of the horse to its conformation.