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Read About Black Thoroughbred Horses

Black Thoroughbred Horses have journeyed far -- from myth into reality. Here's everything you need to know about this horse breed.

Black Thoroughbred Horses - Horse Breed Facts

  1. Breed Group:

    Race horse
  2. Height & Weight:

    Tall, about 15.2 to 16.1 hands high; weight averages between 1000 to 1200 pounds.
  3. Coat:

    Coats are glossy black with fine and smooth hair on them. Coats can be made glossier by regular grooming.
  4. Head & Neck:

    Heads are strong and well developed and mounted on a long tough neck.
  5. Body:

    Black thoroughbred horses have the most muscular and strong bodies among all horse breeds.
  6. Conformation:

    Black thoroughbred horses are generally tall, rangy, with long legs and a long sloping shoulder and a long neck.
  7. Colors:

    Purely black
  8. Gait:

    They are experts at all types of gaits such as walking, trotting, cantering and galloping.
  9. Popularity:

    Black thoroughbred horses have been the most popular horses since the oldest of known times.
  10. Registries:

    The Jockey Club has been registering thoroughbreds since 1857.

Black Thoroughbred Horses - Horse Breed Origins

  1. Country of Origin:

  2. Lineage/Bloodline:

    All thoroughbreds in the world are direct descendants of crossing English mares with oriental stallions.
  3. Historical Information:

    They were considered mythical creatures, viz. the black stallions, until they were actually produced by hybridization in the 1600s.

Black Thoroughbred Horses - Horse Breed Defining Characteristics

  1. Training Ease:

    They require professional trainers, especially for sporting events. They may be a bit reluctant to learn in the beginning.
  2. Temperament:

    They are mild-mannered beasts, but they require familiarization with the surroundings.
  3. Child Friendly:

    They may not be ideal horses for children due to their extremely fast gaits.
  4. Behavior:

    They are gentle creatures and are obedient to only their masters.
  5. Riding Ease:

    Rides on a black thoroughbred may be uncomfortable for amateurs. They are typically race horses.
  6. Uses:

    The prime use of black thoroughbreds is in racing. They are also used as studs to obtain desirable features in other breeds.

Black Thoroughbred Horses - Horse Breed Concerns

  1. Health Issues:

    They are prone to many diseases such as tetanus, equine influenza and HYPP. Regular veterinary care is a must.
  2. Feeding:

    They are heavy eaters. They may eat every hour if food is available. However, they can also manage without food due to their Arabian origins.
  3. Outfitting:

    They need to be shod well with a saddle, bridle, knee pads and hoof pads.

Black Thoroughbred Horses - How to Choose a Horse Breed

  1. What to Look for:

    Size does not matter when selecting a black thoroughbred for racing. It is the overall body conformation and bone structure that must be seen. Dental makeup is an indicative of overall body health.
  2. What you will Need:

    A proper and hygienic stable area with food and water tubs, a complete horse outfit, veterinary care and a professional trainer.