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Top Draft Horse Breeds

The top draft horse breeds are the Shire horse, Clydesdale horse, Percheron horse, and Belgian horse.

The Shire horse is the most popular draft horse breed. Being strong and a hard worker, the Shire is kind and family oriented. It is versatile in being a riding horse, a pet, and a laborer on the farm. They are bold in stature and have silk fur on their legs above their hooves. They are gentle and easy to manage. It is easy to see why most people prefer the Shire horse.

The Clydesdale horse is the most well-known or infamous horse. It is the one most commercialized. These horses are large in stature and hard workers like the Shire. The Clydesdale horse has large thick legs and hocks like a cow. They are bred to pull and work rigorous labor. Their back legs are shorter and tighter in muscle than their front. Its appearance is healthy and bulky in nature. The Clydesdale horse usually stands around 18 hands high and weighs approximately 2000 pound. They are twice the width of a racehorse. They are now mostly seen in exhibition, parades, or in show.

The Percheron horse height is 15 hands high to 19 hands high. They are one of the shortest of the draft horses. They were, in the past, typically used as a logging horse. In some regions they are still used as such. These horses are proud, alert, and very intelligent by nature.