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Read About Choosing Horse Medication

Choosing horse medication should be a well thought process that includes a serious discussion with your trusted veterinarian. Veterinarians, like physicians, have a responsibility to both you (the client) and your horse (the patient). Before dispensing any medication, a veterinarian will want to perform a thorough examination of your horse to ensure that the animal is receiving the best possible treatment.

In choosing horse medication, there may even be some instances where alternative methods of treatment are recommended. These alternative methods should not be dismissed without careful consideration, as some of them have proven to be quite effective in the treatment of horses for various conditions. Among the alternative treatments being used today are acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and herbology. Though mostly thought of as alternative treatment methods for humans, these treatments have, in recent years, gained in popularity among horse owners. Acupuncture, in particular, has been surprisingly effective in treating horses for a variety of ailments including brain abscess, cancer, colic, and pregnancy disorders. It is important to mention that acupuncture has been a standard treatment for horses in China for centuries, though it is a relatively new treatment option in the West.

Though choosing horse medication is not always easy, it is a decision that most horse owners, at one time or another, will be faced with. As with most any medical condition, regardless of whether it is for humans or animals, many of these medications get rather expensive. If you are faced with the possibility of owning a horse that requires extensive and/or ongoing medication treatments, you may want to consider purchasing an insurance policy on your animal. This could be a very useful tool in your decision-making processes in terms of choosing horse medication.

It is important to note that you should always be careful when deciding to give your horse medication. Some common medicines are given to horses regularly, and many of them are overused. Be sure to discuss all of your horse's treatment options with your veterinarian to avoid unnecessarily medicating your animal.

You can be proactive in the well being of your horse, simply by arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and taking an active interest in the animal's medication treatments.

The best way to do this is 1) Prior to choosing horse medication, conduct research on your own to gain an educated opinion about the drug or drugs that your horse is being prescribed, and 2) candidly discuss with your veterinarian all possible methods of treatment before making a decision.