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Read About Bringing New Horse Home

Bringing New Horse Home can be a traumatic event for your new animal. In order to make the adjustment as seamless as possible, here are a few things you can do.

Set Up a Quiet Area

When your horse arrives at its new home, it will be anxious and tired. It may even have lost some weight, and it is probable that it will want to sleep a lot while adjusting to its new surroundings. There are several things you can do to help it get used to its new home.

  • Make sure that the horse has a quiet area set aside for it to be alone and get adjusted to its new home.

  • Give the horse plenty of "alone time" to become acclimated. Make sure that you and your staff keeps tabs of it, but don't pester it with too much attention.

  • Keep the first few meals limited to high-quality hay. Avoid hard pellets or grain for a day or two.

    Before Riding Your New Horse

    After your horse seems to have adjusted to its new home, spend some time talking with and grooming it. Get the animal used to your hands and voice and gain its trust. Also make sure that the horse has enough room to get in a good run if it feels like it.

    When you feel as though you and the horse have bonded sufficiently and not before, then is the time to start riding it. Keep it simple, don’t rush the horse, and make sure to enjoy yourself.