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Essential Horse Stable Supplies

Essential horse stable supplies include the basics that you will need to have on hand before you bring your new horse home. These include items for feeding and watering, grooming, leading, and cleaning up after your horse. As a horse owner, you will soon find that the list of things you simply can’t live without continues to grow, but these are the essential horse stable supplies to help you get started.

Food and water are, of course, essential to your horse and so are the supplies you need for them. It is best to feed your horse in a trough or manger, not on the floor. Eating off the floor increases the possibility horses will consume sand; sand can cause colic, which can be fatal to horses. Hay nets are not considered safe, since hooves can get caught in netting. A better choice is a sturdy hay rack. Your horse always needs access to plenty of fresh water. To make care easier, consider installing an automatic watering system. A much less expensive option is simply filling a large (20 gallon) bucket with water. Remember that this can be quite heavy to carry from the water source to your horse’s stall, so bear that in mind when making you decision about these essential horse stable supplies.