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Read About Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show

Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show attracts more than 300,000 people each year to this small Vermont village near Essex. Here's everything you need to know about this competition.

Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show - Facts

  1. Type of Competition:

    The Champlain Valley Exposition is one of the most important cultural attractions of the state of Vermont. It is a ten-day festival held in the month of August. It is not just a horse show, but there are also various cattle exhibits, farm products and flower arrangements on display. The horse show covers only two days of entire fair. The Champlain Valley Exposition tries to lure as many people as it can by hiring celebrated singers and performers to enthrall the public in their Grandstand concerts. The main attraction in the Champlain Valley Exposition of 2006 is going to be Carrie Underwood, the American Idol of 2005. Other famous celebrities who have performed at the Grandstand are Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson.
  2. Location:

    The fair is conducted at Champlain Valley in Essex Junction at Vermont. The festival, especially the equine display of two days, is an important part of the economy and cultural heritage of Vermont.
  3. History:

    The roots of the Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show can be traced as far back as 1913, when it was held in the Essex Grange Center. In 1922, it underwent a major expansion by introducing public shares and garnering $56000 for the project. However, the draft horse show in its newest format was revamped in 2003; the show is now called Everything Equine.
  4. Sanctioned:

    The Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show is sanctioned by the government of Vermont.
  5. Entrance Procedure:

    Entrance forms are available at the venue about two months before the contest. Entrance is based on past records of the horse. A winning horse of the previous year automatically becomes eligible for entry, but other horses must be shown during the past year to become eligible. Entrance is at the discretion of the Champlain Valley Exposition organizers.
  6. Classes:

    The most important classes are the common draft horse classes. Horses are included in the mini marathon, hunter/jumper, youth, reining, trailing, English, western and pony classes.
  7. Judging:

    The Champlain Valley Fair Draft Horse Show is more of a display than a contest. Different draft horses are shown and judges judge them based on dressage, trailing, halter/in hand and other skills.
  8. Awards:

    The Champlain Valley Exposition hands over $75,000 each year in awards. Awards for the draft horses are given one in each class. The most coveted award is 'Best of Show' award, followed by the 'Best Exhibit of Show'. There is also a 'Best Bred by Exhibit' award that is given out. Awards are given out on the last day of the exposition.