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Read About Livestock Cattle

Livestock Cattle can be great pets because they're easy going and affectionate. Here's everything you need to know about Livestock Cattle as pets.

Which Livestock Cattle Make Good Pets?

Most people recommend mini-cows for Livestock Cattle pets. Like the name suggests, mini-cows are smaller than regular cows. More than 20 types of mini-cows exist and most weigh 600-800 pounds when they're grown. Regular cows usually weigh more than 1,000 pounds. Mini-cows eat about one-third as much as regular cows and each mini-cow can comfortably fit on half an acre rather than a full acre, which is the recommended space for regular cows. Even though these cattle take up less space, mini-cow breeders recommend that two or three live together because they're used to being in herds and like being around other cattle.

Why Are Mini-Cows Good Pets?

Mini-cows make good pets because they are affectionate and docile. They don’t destroy land as feverously as larger cattle and they eat grass, which can cut down on lawn service bills. Once they get familiar with you, they come when they’re called. To familiarize yourself with the mini-cow, hang out with it while it’s outside. Wear the same clothes when you’re around it so it can get used to your appearance and smell and gradually approach it. You’ll know a mini-cow feels safe around you when it’s willing to eat in front of you. Don’t do anything to the mini-cow, such as pet it, until it feels safe with you or you risk breeching its trust.