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Read About Livestock Chickens

Livestock Chickens make great pets because they are intelligent and easy to keep. Here's all you need to know about have Livestock Chickens as pets.

Livestock Chickens Are Great Pets

Livestock Chickens are intelligent, have great personalities and will keep insects out of the yard and garden without eating the plants. Livestock Chickens also supply plenty of fertilizer for a garden. Livestock Chickens also produce eggs for consumption. They produce these eggs without a rooster. In fact, most store bought eggs are unfertilized. Livestock Chickens that are treated well will eat food out of your hand and come when they're called.

Things To Look For

Before you buy Livestock Chickens, check your local zoning laws because some areas have strict rules against living with certain livestock. Even if your area allows Livestock Chickens as pets, you might not want to get a rooster because they are loud and can disturb the neighbors. Livestock Chickens can live in a house, but they need to be outside at least some of time. Keep houseplants out of their reach because some houseplants are poisonous to Livestock Chickens.

Livestock Chickens produce eggs, but it's important to pay attention to the quality of the eggs because the quality directly correlates with the health of the Livestock Chickens. Eggs that are soft instead of hard, indicate that the Livestock Chickens are not eating enough calcium. Livestock Chickens that produce eggs infrequently could be upset, ill or uncomfortable in their environment. Happy Livestock Chickens lay lots of eggs.