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Read About Livestock Goats

Livestock Goats are good pets because they're friendly, mischievous and playful. Here's all you need to know about Livestock Goats.

They Need Attention

Livestock Goats need a lot of attention. They eat constantly and always need access to food and water. Livestock Goats eat lots of things. When they're not out to pasture, they need to be contained in an area so they don't devour the neighbor's begonias. Livestock Goats need fresh water or they may get ill, so change the water daily.

Livestock Goats are smart and are adept at opening simple fence clasps. Livestock Goats respond well to electric fencing, but if you live near people, make sure everyone's aware that the fence is electric.

Livestock Goats can be feisty and if they don't like what you're doing, they'll let you know by letting out a loud cry. They respond to soft, gentle talking and can be trained to come when they're called.

Health Is Important

Livestock Goats are sensitive to diseases and illness. To prevent Livestock Goats from getting sick, check on them every day to make sure they're acting normally, have fresh water and have plenty of food. Livestock Goats need to have their hooves trimmed every six months to protect them against infection. They also need a lot of vaccinations and need to be de-wormedevery six months. Pay attention to Livestock Goats' eyes as they also get eye and skin infections. Take Livestock Goats to the vet if you notice a change in their eating habits.