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Read About Livestock Emergency Prevention

Livestock Emergency Prevention increases the chances of your animals surviving a storm, natural disaster or illness. Here’s all you need to know about Livestock Emergency Prevention.

Have a Plan

The first part of Livestock Emergency Prevention is to create an emergency plan for during and after the disaster. Before creating the plan, make an outline of the kinds of natural emergencies that affect your area. This may include fires, flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Next, make a list of the people who you can rely on during the emergency. Start with neighbors and find out if they have somewhere to house your livestock in the event of an emergency. Call your vet, livestock food supplier and companies that transport livestock to see if they will be available to help in an emergency. Compile an easily accessible list of names and phone number of the people who will help in an emergency.

When you make this list, also make a clear map of wherever you keep your livestock so that in an emergency, it’s easy to find food and supplies. Everyone who may come in contact with the animals should know this plan.

What to do When an Emergency Occurs

When a disaster is headed to the area, turn off all electricity to avoid fires, which will complicate the process and endanger the animals. Get the animals in a place where they are relatively safe from harm (ditches) and block them off. Clear any debris that could fly loose and injure an animal.