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Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is important to not only the appearance but also the health of your pet. How to groom, what to use and how long to expect it to take depends on the species of pet you have. Pet grooming also provides you with a great opportunity for hands on bonding with your pet.

Dog grooming helps your dog look and feel his best. A good quality dog brush is an essential grooming tool. Regular brushing removes dead hair, stimulates the dog’s skin and redistributes natural oils. Clippers can be used to trim your dog’s hair if it grows long. Be sure to introduce the clippers to the dog slowly and gradually, as many dogs are frightened by them at first. Let the dog sniff them and get used to the clippers being used near their body before you ever turn them on. Your dog should also be placed on a slip-free surface and held well while being clipped, to help ease anxiety.