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Turtles by Size

When people make the decision to get a turtle as a pet, they usually get them when they are very small and rarely take into consideration how big turtles really can get, that is why it is important to know turtles by size.

Known for their smaller size, Box Turtles are great pets. They generally don’t get much larger than about six inches in size. They are terrestrial turtles who do like to have water nearby, but don’t spend much time in the water in comparison to their aquatic counterparts.

Mud Turtles are about the same size as Box Turtles and will follow most of the same care standards, although they will need a good amount of mud in which to burrow. About the same size as Muds are Musk Turtles. They are a drab looking animal who tends to be a bit of a recluse but has a long life expectancy.