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Choosing a Frog Species

When you are ready to enter the world of amphibians, you’ll likely be looking at frogs, but how will you go about choosing the right frog species? You can find a good book on frogs for a great price and know that the information inside is there to help you. After you’ve gotten a frog or two, then you’ll always have it to refer back to when you have questions. Remember that frogs are not usually hip on being held and do like to be left alone.

If you are new to frogs, you’ll want to start out with the easiest species you can. Experts agree that is the African Dwarf Frog. These frogs are super-easy to feed because they don’t eat insects so you won’t have to handle any crickets! They live their entire lives in water and can eat any good quality sinking fish food. At maturity, African Dwarfs only reach about an inch and a half in length. You will have to make sure you have a good lid on your aquarium. You will know if you are looking at a Dwarf if he looks skinny through the middle (not always the best indicator) and does not have any claws on his front feet, but does have webbed front feet. His eyes will also be more flat than other frogs. They can be delicate for the first few weeks they are with you, just as fish would be, so try to buy a frog that was active at the store and is not really tiny.