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Choosing a Turtle Species

When you make the choice to get a new pet and turtles are on the list, you might want some help with choosing a turtle species. Turtles can be rewarding animals to keep and have longer life expectancies than many other pet options. As always, before obtaining a turtle, reading about turtles and learning their traits is imperative. Turtle reference books can be found for an affordable price. Most turtle owners who are not necessarily looking for a challenge from their pet turtle opt for one of four turtle species.

Aquatic turtles spend most of their lives in water, but do like to hang out on solid ground from time to time. That said it is important to make sure that you provide them an environment which is both wet and dry, with clean water (lots of it) and mud or gravel to burrow into. Most aquatic turtles available in the US are Sliders and Painted Turtles. Both can grow to nearly a foot in length as adults. They also have similar diets, which include commercial turtle foods, small feeder fish, worms and sometimes lettuce. They will also need a certain amount of sunlight to bask in and warm their cold-blooded bodies. Their main difference is appearance; the Slider is greenish-brown with random yellow stripes and markings and red flashes on either side of the head and the Painted Turtle is somewhere between dark green and black with a smoother flatter shell and both red and yellow stripes on the head and legs.