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Read About Amphibian Socialization

Amphibians are highly socialized creatures. Though socialized, they are highly stressed and frightened. Amphibians do not have trust in humans. They try to avoid humans at all costs.

Amphibians are wild animals and they act in this way. If the amphibian has teeth or claws they will use them to defend themselves. Most injuries are bites. These are from startling the amphibian.

As your amphibian becomes more acquainted with its surroundings and you it will allow you to hold it more often. Patience with your amphibian is the key. The amphibian needs the time to become accustomed with the noises of the children, you, T.V., or any other noise in your home. As it does this it will learn to trust you and enjoy being held and being played with.

If you choose to take your amphibian anywhere you need to allow it to get used to the new surroundings. This goes along with it getting used to a new pet.

Amphibians socialize easily. They do enjoy having other amphibians in their environment. Since it is hard to breed amphibians it is best to have a couple of them if you wish to breed the amphibian. Amphibians can be in an individualized or socialized environment. It is in preference of the owner. Watching the behavior of your amphibians will assist you in deciding if you want to have the amphibian in a more socialized environment.

If your amphibian becomes distressed or more aggressive when you have them with other amphibians you may want to consider having it by itself.

Although amphibians are very social and adjust to social environments quickly, you should watch their behavior before making any decisions on having it socialize with other amphibians. Allow time for the amphibian to learn the noises and routine of you and your family. It will help your amphibian become more relaxed and secure. Your amphibian will also learn to trust you.

Safety of you and your amphibian is of great importance. Your amphibian will be very skittish and jumpy until it becomes more acquainted with you and the surroundings in your home. If you handle your amphibian to soon after acquiring it, the amphibian may bite you or slip out of your hands and hurt itself.

Patience is the key in the socialization of your amphibian. This will make a better relationship with you and your amphibian when the amphibian does feel comfortable and secure with you.