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Reptile Shedding

Reptile shedding takes on many different forms, but all reptiles shed their skins. This outer layer is shed because the reptile has outgrown it. Some reptiles, such as snakes, shed in a single long piece. In other reptiles, such as iguanas or bearded dragons, the skin comes off in small sections. In the case of turtles, the skin itself isn’t what is shed; the plates of their shells, or scutes, are shed.

Reptile shedding occurs in different ways for different species, as well. When snakes are ready to shed, their bodies produce a layer of water just under the outermost layer of skin. This helps ease the shedding process, which begins at the head and continues down the body. Snakes rub against the ground and other objects to help loosen the skin, then slip out of it as the skin peels inside-out from around them. It normally takes anywhere from one to two weeks for a snake to completely shed.