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Read About Bearded Dragon Breeders

Bearded Dragons can make fascinating pets. Be sure to do your homework, though, before bringing home any reptile. Knowing how much work is involved with this particular species is an important part of being properly prepared for reptile ownership. A good Bearded Dragon breeder can help with this. A breeder should provide you not just with an animal, but with a wealth of information as well. Getting a Bearded Dragon from a breeder may cost a bit more than getting one from a pet store, but you can usually be assured you are getting the complete and personalized attention you deserve.

A knowledgeable Bearded Dragon breeder be able to help you decide what you need to get started. Breeders will be well-informed of all the equipment you need to maintain a Bearded Dragon. Bearded dragons require full-spectrum fluorescent light that is specially designed for use with reptiles. They also need closely regulated tank temperatures, with a designated spot for basking that has temperatures around 90-100 degrees and the rest of the tank ranging from around 76 degrees to around 86 degrees.

The Internet can be a great resource for locating a Bearded Dragon breeder. There are many reptile-related websites with information about Bearded Dragons. A simple search can be performed by typing the words “Bearded Dragon,” for species information, or “Bearded Dragon” and “breeder” into an Internet search engine. On some websites you can find forums or discussion boards regarding breeders. Try to select a Bearded Dragon breeder who has received good feedback from previous customers.

Visiting a pet show can also be a good way to find a Bearded Dragon breeder. Meeting a breeder face-to-face at a show can be a good way to get a feel for whether he or she is someone you feel comfortable dealing with. Try to visit the show when it isn’t very crowded (weekdays, early in the morning may be a good time), to allow you to have time to locate and talk to several breeders.

In general, happy reptile breeders have happy reptiles. The care a breeder takes with her animals will usually be readily apparent. If the conditions are poor or the animals appear skittish or sluggish, try another breeder. You should always feel comfortable with the environment that a Bearded Dragon breeder maintains in her own business or her show booth. Keep in mind that a breeder may have a limited amount of time to keep things pristine during a busy show, it should be apparent when the health and welfare of the animals is a breeder’s main concern.

The health of the pets is a huge indication of a good Bearded Dragon breeder. Even with good care a breeder may not be able to prevent an animal from becoming sick, but he should never have that animal around other animals or potential customers. Avoid breeders who can’t or won’t answer your questions, those who make you feel rushed, or those whose animals do not appear healthy and happy. The Bearded Dragon you select should have clear eyes, with no black, gray or yellow spots on the skin or in the mouth. The breeder you select should make sure you are happy with your new pet and well-informed about its care.