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Read About Biting Small Pet

Biting small pet is generally not a behavior to be alarmed about. Many small pets, particularly babies, are naturally inclined towards nipping and biting. It is simply part of their ingrained behavior, and it helps them to hone their hunting and defensive skills as they mature. If you have a biting small pet, however, and his behavior becomes a little more than you can bear, then you may want to consider some different methods for trying to cure him of this habit. This is especially true if your pet becomes overly aggressive, or even mean, when he bites.

One such method that you could employ is to try and startle your biting small pet when he latches on to you. As soon as your pet bites down, suddenly make a high-pitched, very abrupt sound to try to startle him. If done correctly, the abrupt sound that you make should closely resemble the same type of sound that one of your pet's littermates might make should they be bitten. As soon as your pet releases you, give him a toy to play with in place of your hand. Most small pets love toys, particularly those that they can chew on, so give this practice a try for a while, and see if it begins to encourage a change in your biting small pet's behavior. This theory has been proven to work, if done properly, so it is definitely worth trying in your attempts to cure your biting small pet.

Another method that you could use is to try leaving the room whenever your pet bites you. Particularly if your small pet is simply being playful and means no harm by his biting, he will be thoroughly bewildered if the two of you are in the midst of playing, and then suddenly you get up and leave. If you repeat this same action every time he bites you, then he will eventually learn that if he bites, he is going to lose his playmate. That will more than likely be enough of an incentive to prompt him to stop his biting habit. Whatever method you choose to try to alleviate this problem, be sure that you do not at any point encourage your animal to bite; including tug-of-war type play, and waving your hands in front of his face. Such behaviors will only negatively influence your animal to continue with his biting.

If you have tried such remedies at home and still have not made any progress with your pet, then it would be best to consult either your veterinarian or a trusted behavioral modification specialist. Either of these professionals should be able to help you to cure your biting small pet from his bad habits!