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Special Needs Small Pets

There are always animals out there with special needs, including small pets. Here's everything you need to know about Special Needs Small Pets.

What is a Special Needs Small Pet?

Sadly, a lot of available pets at shelters and rescues have special needs, and this includes small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs as well as cats and dogs. Generally speaking, any characteristic that requires special care in addition to regular pet care would be considered a special need.

What types of problems are common in small pets?

Common examples of special needs in pets include physical impairments like blindness, deafness, and lameness as well as long-term medical conditions like diabetes and cancer. Many gerbils have seizure conditions and nasal problems, both of which require ongoing special care while rats and mice are susceptible to mammary cancer. Oral deformities and problems can also occur with animals in the rodent family, largely as a result of a lack of suitable items to gnaw on, which is mandatory to avoid oral problems.