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Small Pet Rescues

Small pet rescues act as a safe haven for small animals that are lost or have been mistreated.

Why do we need small pet rescues

We need small pet rescues for the same reason we need animal shelters. They help animals who cannot fend for themselves. Animal shelters take in larger animals that have been abused or have somehow gotten lost or abandoned. Small pet rescues do the same for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and other small pets. Some small animal shelters take small dogs, but this isn’t really common.

Finding small pet rescues

Finding small pet rescues can be a little more difficult than finding larger animal shelters. In fact, communities that have large animal shelters may not have small pet rescues. To find out if your area has a pet rescue, look up “pet rescue” in your local phone book. If you can’t find a shelter near you, use the Internet. Many times you won’t be able to find one in your area, but you can call a large animal shelter and ask if they can direct you to a small pet rescue.