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Introducing a New Small Pet to Your Family

Introducing a new small pet to your family is a really exciting for your family, but can be a little unnerving for your pet.

Preparing the family

Introducing a new small pet to your family is extremely exciting! For the family that is. Pet’s get a little overwhelmed when they’re removed from their place of origin and placed in a new home. To help your pet adjust, you need to first prepare your family for the pet’s arrival.

Before introducing a new small pet to your family, lay down some rules and guidelines. Make a list of when the pet’s cage will need to be cleaned, when the pet will need to be fed and watered and when the pet will need to play. Then, sit down with your family and decide who does what. This outline will be beneficial to your pet’s long term care. We all know how excited kids can get when they know they’re about to get a new pet. They promise to fed it, water it and clean up its droppings. Unfortunately, once the novelty wears off, kids have a tendency to forget these promises. So, tie them down while they’re still excited. This will ensure that your pet gets continued care.