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Best Bird Breeds for Other Birds

Best Bird breeds for Other Birds is really impossible to speculate. There are so many variables on how to deal with housing birds together. Let’s look at a few of those.

From opinions to research I find that the true of the matter is that birds are as unique as people and have personalities. Therefore you would have to possibly blend like personalities, or maybe totally different characteristics to have harmony.

Birds from the same species may or may not get along. The same goes for different species put into the same housing unit. Best Birds Breeds for Other Birds is sometimes a hit or miss situation. Baby birds have a better chance of getting along. With most finches, if the cage is large, and the birds are equal in size, you may not have a problem. Female canaries should get along, but not two males.

Budgies should survive okay as long as there is space to get away if needed. So, a large cage would be beneficial. You could add another species like a Cockatiel or two and they should get along.

If birds start out together they may do fine, and bond. Trying to add later can be problematic. With bigger birds bringing into the cage a new pet may be more difficult.

Mixing different size birds would need extreme caution. Never allow them to be together without supervision. Temperament is important. Some birds will show signs of jealously, or be territorial and others aggressive or just nasty toward other birds. Birds with the same temperament should get along. Is your bird calm, quiet? Then try to find a calm, quiet bird to buy.

Quarantine the new pet for several days so its presence will be heard but not seen by the older pet. Then introduce the pets in a neutral area of your home. Birds may get along and play nicely in a room. They may still need to have their own cages or with luck, want to be together.

I recommend you speak to a breeder of the type of bird you own, or a breeder of the type of bird you would like to buy. Find out if he has any information that can help you decide. Also, a local avian vet can probable tell you what species to avoid and how to make the transition safe for your birds. The Best Bird Breeds for Other Birds is whatever breed works for you and your pets.

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