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Helping your New Bird Adjust

Helping your new bird adjust to his new home will take time and patience. Here is information to help you make the adjustment easier for everyone. Several days before the day you are going to pick up the bird to bring home, set up the cage. It’s important to have everything in place before, so there is calmness in the home when your pet arrives. This will be one way of helping your new bird adjust. Please be sure you have the perches, any toys, bird bath, food and water dishes, and the liner in the cage. The location you’ve picked is draft free and not near a heat duct. Also, a window location is not a good idea, as the sun shining on the cage all day can cause a hazardous situation.. Extreme heat or cold is never good for any bird. Also, besides food, have treats and any necessary supplements. Have the number of an aviary vet handy for any questions you may have. You should also set up an appointment to have the bird examined within a week of the bird joining your household. You should have a travel carrier all ready for this type of trip. Now that the bird has arrived, it is best to let the bird get used to the new cage. Do not handle the bird for several days. It’s normal for this pet to be afraid and not trust anyone. It may show nervousness in different ways like flying wildly around the cage. Some birds may just appear frozen as they stiffen up when afraid. Loud noise will only make this time more difficult. So, try to keep things low key for a few days if possible. This is the time during the first 3 days to begin talking softly to the bird, and even singing to him. Telling the bird often when you pass how beautiful or that you love him will give him a sense of safety. This too will be helping your new bird to adjust to you and you and other family members. Once the bird seems to trust, you can then begin to live normally again and enjoy this precious creature. Birds create such enjoyment. Depending on the type of bird you have, training can begin slowly. You can find a lot of information at a pet library online, or from on vet, on how to begin. Helping your new bird to adjust to your wonderful lifestyle will give everyone an exciting experience.
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