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Showing your Bird

Showing your bird may be achieved in a wide variety of ways, whether it is to family and friends, or to larger groups of people. Some birds are shown for fun and entertainment, while there are other opportunities which will allow you to show your bird for competition.

Showing to family and friends is relatively simple, depending upon whether it is in your home or not. The main thing to consider in this type of showing will depend upon - and even help with – the level of acclamation of your bird to other people. Disposition is a major factor to consider when showing your bird to other people, as you would not want to traumatize your bird or allow it to injure or annoy other people or animals.

If you would like to show your bird to larger groups, there are a lot of promoters of shows and exhibitions which can allow you to do so. Which ones you choose will depend on the breed(s) they support, their rules, and the supplies you have to ensure you conform to those rules.

Some bird show promoters or societies only cater to certain birds, such as canaries, finches, parrots, or lovebirds. Others offer you the chance to show larger birds, such as falcons, but these are not as frequent, and the rules are much more stringent.

Poise, behavior, size, color, and disposition of your birds are some of the qualities to be considered when showing your bird in a show, and it is helpful to attend bird shows as a spectator before entering your bird in any competition.

Whether showing to small groups or large shows, it is important to make sure your bird is comfortable in the cage you will show it in.

Environmental considerations are also important when showing your bird. You do not want to expose your bird to undesirable (weather, smoke, etc) conditions during transport or during the actual showing. Therefore you may need cage covers, etc., and you also need to limit the time your bird spends under undesirable conditions.

Whether showing your bird for fun or for competition, the main thing to keep in mind is the safety and well being of your bird and the other people and animals which will be present.

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