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Fish by Temperament

Choosing fish by temperament may seem vaguely important when in fact it is substantial. Think of this you but all these different types of fish to bring them home and realize that they do not get along and are always fighting. This can not only be saddening for the owner but also ver expensive. Just like parents want their children not to fight, fish owners also do not want their fishies to fight. Although many fish are peaceful, it is important that you know which ones will get along and which ones tend to be more aggressive.

When a new fish owner is choosing fish by temperament they should stick to peaceful fish. SOme peaceful fish would be Algae Eaters, Angelfish, Betas, Catfish, Cories, Danios, Discus', Goldfish, Gouramis, Guppies, Knifes, Loaches, Mollies, Platies, Sharks, Swordtails, and Tetra's. As you can see their are many fish that are peaceful. Within this group any new fish owner should be able to get what they are looking for in a fish with a peaceful temperament.

Although peaceful fish are great some people would rather a more aggressive fish. Some aggressive fish are Barbs and Cichlids. As an owner you may notice injured fish or missing fish. If you do choose to go with aggressive fish you will need to make sure that you give these fish enough space and things to hide in. This will help to break so of the tension. This is why it is important to choose fish by temperament.

These are the two extremes but fo those that do not want a peaceful fish but are not quite ready for an aggressive one there are semi-aggressive breeds. Some of these are Mono's and Scats. These are not picking the fights but can be aggrivated. Semi-agressive fish by temperamnet would be right for someone who is right in the middle. It also may be a good transition for someone who has had peaceful fish but is looking to experience with aggressive fish.

Fish by temperament is very important when choosing which fish to put into your tank. You may enjoy the peaceful fish that you can just watch while others may enjoy the excitement of aggressive fish. Always remember what you put into your fish is what you will get outh of them. Doing the research for fish by temperament will save you grief and money. Peaceful, semi-aggressive, or aggressive...what will it be?