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Top Color and Marking Breeds

The top color and marking breeds are far and few between. When people talk or speak about the markings, they are talking about the distinctive design on the horse’s coat.

The Appaloosa horse has spots throughout its coat that looks similar to Dalmatian spots and their hooves are striped. These horses were bred by the Nez Perce people in northeast Oregon during the 18th century.

The Paint horse, also called the Pinto, has the appearance of its spot being painted on. The lines of separation of the color are so defined and brilliant in color. The Paint horse is often associated with the Indians. The Comanche Indians favored these horses. These horses have always done well in show and in competition.

The Palamino horse as a defined coloration. The coat is usually yellowish in color, while the mane and tail are in a brilliant white or silver. The Palamino horse sometimes olds some white details on their face and/or legs. The offspring does not always show the same marking. The Palamino horse is not necessarily a breed and can learn more to the conformity of the Arabian horse or the Quarter horse.

Many of the coloring and marking are different on every horse. They are distinctive in design and rich in color. The coats on these horses if well cared for are beautiful for show.

The marking of the horse distinguished them above all the other horses. The unfortunate aspect of the beautifully designed patterns on the horses coat is not only are they highly variable but the horses may not fit into any specific category very easily.

Most of these horses, though beautiful, are strong in agility, endurance, and are very intelligent. They are kind in nature and have a willing temperament. Some of them are easy to ride and very loyal companions. They are all-around horses a versatile by nature. The horses are hard workers and strong willed.

These top color and markings breeds are beautiful by breed and nature. Just like all other warm-blooded horses, they are athletes as well as great companions as a pet or worker.

In closing remember to check with your local organization on the specifications they have for horses with coloring and marking to see where your horse would be categorized. By doing this it will save you time and it will help you show your horse the best way it is bred for. These color and marking of these horses are what makes them stand out above all the others.