Read About Three Best Show Horse Breeds

The best show horses have an elegance and exquisite manner in how they carry themselves. They are very poised and well care for horses.

Standing tall at 15.2 hands high to 17 hands high, very well known for its luscious black coat, mane and untrimmed hair around its lower legs, the Majestic Friesian horse shows well with is spectacular fast and high stepping trot. This docile and gentle horse is energetic, active and very willing. The Majestic Friesian horse was once bred as a draft horse. Most recently the gracious horse is very agile for it’s size. The Majestic Friesian horse is known to carry their owners in style and loyally love their companions. Their exceptional strength, body control and intelligence make them one of the best horses for high-level Dressage. The appearance and stature of this horse is remarkable.

The Paso Fino horse definitely has made an appearance in show. They are simply unforgettable. They are naturally elegant and full of grace. These horses are also recognized for their endurance and gentle ride abilities. The Paso Fino horse is claimed to be the smoothest riding horse. Its step is sequenced in perfect intervals with each foot touching the ground independently creating a fast consistent rhythm.

The Morgan horse has the tractability, willingness and the constant easy-going temperament that makes it very easy to show. The natural intelligence and curiosity of the Morgan horse makes it enjoyable to show and watch. It is a very obedient horse and makes you become of its family. The Morgan horse is the ideal horse for children, adults, individuals, families, amateurs or professionals.

Many different horses are shown each year assisting them in composure, grooming and care helps tremendously. Some breeds are born specifically to be shown. The Majestic Friesian horse, the Paso Fino horse and the Morgan horse are examples of the horses that are born to show. Proper care in grooming and hoof care assist in the horse’s ability to excel during show.

The horses posture, stance and walk are very important the horse’s presence to be as gracious as possible will also help you in show. If you are looking to purchase a show horse, talk to someone experienced in equestrian show or to a trainer for the best quality horse for you.

When you look at these horse breeds you can see the reasons these horses are best in show and impress the people they have encountered.