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Where to Build Your Stable

Where to build you stable is a decision that requires plenty of thought and planning. There are very obvious considerations, such as available land and size constraints. Not to mention the cost of the size of the land you may desire! In the best of all possible worlds, there are some specific things you should consider when deciding where to build you stable.

When deciding where to build your stable you should first determine what type of location is best for you: are you looking for something completely “out in the country” or a more suburban locale? Do you prefer to be around other horse farms, or in a more secluded location? Be sure to look into any applicable zoning restrictions and all building codes that could impact your decisions. Some locations, especially suburban areas or areas experiencing a great deal of growth in rural areas may have new zoning laws in the works. Find out all you can about not only the current laws but proposed legislation as well.

Once you have settled on a basic geographic preference, you need to begin looking for appropriate parcels of land. Bigger is not always better, but you don’t necessarily need to use all the land you own, either. You need to decide what size property you are looking for and how flexible you are willing to be on the size.

Look for land that has good drainage, since this is very important not only for the stable area but for your paddocks and pastures as well. Whenever possible, visit the potential property when you are likely to see it at its worst, such as right after a bad rain or snow storm. Look at where standing water accumulates after a rain, to check for drainage problems. Assess the quality of the current pasture, to see how well grasses grow there currently.

Don’t be afraid to enlist the assistance of others to help you choose where to build your stable. Talk to other horse owners in your area about challenges they face on their property, and what they may have done differently if they could start over. If this is the first time you are building your own stable, getting input from people who have “been there and done that” can be invaluable.

Deciding where to build your stable is a major decision that requires careful research and planning. Working with experienced realtors to choose land, and builders or architects to select plans can help you avoid costly mistakes.