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Choosing New Poultry

If you’re setting up a farm, Choosing New Poultry can be an important part of the process. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject.

Choosing New Poultry for Your Farm

There are many breeds of chickens, ducks, and turkeys in the world today, and different breeds have different strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few poultry breeds that are common in the United States:

Rhode Island Red - These chickens are reddish in color and produce brown eggs. The hens are usually quite calm and docile, and they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Wyandotte - These plump-looking chickens are silver-laced, white, or buff, and are also very hardy when it comes to weather. The hens make excellent mothers, and their eggs tend to be large.

Plymouth Rock - These popular backyard chickens are white, buff, or striped, and were once America’s favorite breed. They’re still everywhere, and mature somewhat early. They’re also easy to handle.

Leghorn - These chickens are usually white (but also more rarely come in black, brown, and red) and are one of the most popular breeds around the world. They’re known for being egg-laying machines, and tend to mature very early.

Pekin - These ducks originally came from China, but are now a very popular market duck breed in the United States today. They are almost always white.

Mallard - The most common duck found in America, the females are mottled brown and the males have bright green heads. They’re often wild, and are omnivorous.