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Pond Algae Control

Pond algae control is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain the overall health and appearance of your pond. There are a couple of types of pond algae and a few ways that you can help prevent and treat your pond from the takeover of the notorious algae. Keep in mind, algae is not particularly harmful but it is by no means a lovely addition to your pond either. It is important to incorporate pond algae control into your pond maintenance routine if you want to be able to see the fish and plants that you have decorated your pond with.

The first type of algae that needs to be discussed is string algae. String algae will often cause your pond to have a greenish appearance. One method of pond algae control is through the use of barley straw. Place some barley straw in a net bag and suspend it in your pond water. Unfortunately, this may take up to a couple of weeks to start working.

Another method of pond algae control for string algae is to add some hydrogen peroxide to your pond. You can add up to one pint of hydrogen peroxide to every 1000 gallons of pond water.

Then there is the manual removal of this nuisance. Get a pole and spin it around in the water so that the string algae wraps around it.

The next type of algae we are going to discuss is plankton algae. Plankton algae come from a mixture of sunlight and fish waste and byproducts. One way to aid in the prevention of this type of algae is to shade your pond as much as possible. There are also sun blocker products that can assist you in this type of pond algae control.

The first method of prevention in pond algae control is to clean your pond. You need to remove what algae you can so you can start treating and preventing the algae from forming as best you can. Lastly, you can add some “good” bacteria to your pond. These bacteria will starve the algae and eventually produces a cleaner, clearer pond for you to enjoy.

Go to your local aquatics store and pick up the materials you need to clean your pond and prevent algae from forming. Pick up an aerator for you pond to help increase the overall health of your pond. Pond algae control needs to be an ongoing process so you can have a beautiful crystal clear pond for years to come.