Read About Caring for Young Spawn

Caring for young spawn can be an interesting science. It is easy to get caught up in the thinking that you actually have made spawning happen, when the truth is that the process is completely natural and can work perfectly without human intervention. But, the care you give young spawn can encourage them to grow into healthy adult fish.

If you have chosen to raise your spawn outside the regular pond population in a breeding pond or tank, you will have much easier maintenance and observation. It will be quite beneficial for you to have them in such a container as you will be able to meet their needs with a minimum of effort.

When caring for young spawn, it is good to know that you can expect your spawn to grow tails and eyes within the first week after spawning. You can help the spawn survive and encourage their development by keeping their water at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is cold outside, you might want to bring your spawning container inside or you will want to get a thermostatic heater for the pond.

In addition to the water temperature, when you are caring for young spawn you will need to closely observe the water for changes. Cloudy water is a very bad thing, and you should anticipate water going cloudy and the need for constant water changes. This will ensure that your spawn do not succumb to unnecessary illness. If you have a quality filtration system in place, that will be exceptionally helpful. You will be able to better maintain the water quality of your breeding pond and provide ample oxygenation.

Spawn will consume their own yolk within the first few days they are alive and once they have done so, they will require food sources. Some of the best are fine compounds of brine shrimp which will provide them with great protein sources. You will want to feed in very small quantities and it is wise to feed very little several times a day. Overfeeding will spur unhealthy chemical levels in the water which will steal oxygen from the water and kill the spawn.

If you are able to maintain your babies by caring for young spawn carefully you will ensure the healthy re-stocking of your pond regularly with strong fish who will reward you richly for all the care you gave them.