Read About Choosing Spawners

Choosing spawners for your pond can be an interesting process. You’ll want to look for certain types of characteristics in fish you would like to have spawn in your pond.

Both koi and goldfish are capable of spawning in healthy pond environments and watching the process can be exciting for any pond owner, especially those who are new to the spawning process. Dependent upon they type of fish, most will be ready to spawn somewhere between two to four years of age. As a general rule, female fish carry a bit more weight and girth around the middle than male fish, who are leaner and more bullet shaped. You will want to look for fish who appear to be strong and hearty. You may also want to select fish which are visually appealing to encourage your chances of obtaining attractive spawn. When choosing spawners, you will also want to make sure that females have had a very strong supply of protein in their diets to guarantee they will be able to sustain a large batch of eggs.

Once you are set and have been successful in choosing spawners, have another “breeding” pond set up for your convenience. When fish are ready to spawn and release their eggs, they can be quite messy. They thrash about and can be a bit destructive so you will want them in a more controlled environment where you can observe their behaviors and have easier access for treating water, changing water and maintaining the secondary pond’s water. It is also a good idea to use a heater to raise the water temperature in the spawning pond by at least a few degrees to encourage the onset of spawning.

If you have done a good job of choosing spawners, you may not have to do anything, as fish are creatures of habit and nature and will eventually spawn naturally on their own. If you find that your fish have spawned naturally, you can let nature take its course and leave everything alone. The spawn will face the natural process of predation in the pond and may be consumed by adult fish in the pond. You can also remove the spawn material to another spawning pond or tank and watch the material and monitor the progress of these potential babies.

You will want to be educated when you are choosing spawners for your backyard pond to ensure the successful spawning of the fish you enjoy keeping.