Read About Pond Fish Supplements

Pond fish supplements can be extremely beneficial to the health of your pond fish and the delicate ecological balance of your pond.

Ponds operate within a highly specialized ecological system which is lead by the fish that live in the ponds. These fish eat and eliminate waste. That waste, along with other naturally occurring materials such as leaves or grasses, or even the leftover food from feeding time, sink to the bottom of the pond where they begin to break down. As that process begins, the natural bacteria in the pond begin to consume and transform those waste products. They eventually encourage several chemical reactions which turns the waste into a food form for plants and algae in the pond. The more waste in a pond, the more food for the algae there will be. The more food which is present for the algae, the more the algae will consume and more algae growth will be generated. When there is too much waste, as opposed to just enough, the fish are unable to consume the large quantities of algae which will be present in the pond. Fish naturally feed on algae as well as other common pond plants. Ideally, these plants will sustain most of a fish’s nutritional needs, but more often than not, they can’t. In nature, a natural pond provides all the nutrients the fish which live in it will need. Human recreations just can’t manage that, which is why we feed those fish food. Fish food is the most important pond fish supplement you can give your pond fish.

Most pond fish supplements foods are sold in pellet or stick form. These should float well and for a reasonable amount of time. There are several benefits from the food’s floating. The most obvious benefit is that your fish will have to come to the water’s surface to feed and you’ll be able to watch them. The other great thing about pond fish supplements food is that its buoyancy prevents excess waste from sinking and encouraging more algae to grow. When the fish are done eating, you can simply skim across the top of the water with a net to pick up anything your fish didn’t eat. Note how much you are feeding and if there is waste, feed them a little less the next time, and the time after that until they are able to eat everything you put in the water.

Learning a little about pond fish supplements will help you be a better pond owner.