Read About Pond Koi Fish Supplements

Pond koi fish supplements are usually just another food source for your pond koi to obtain the nutrition they need, but supplements can be used to help heal pond koi when they develop illnesses.

Koi are perfectly capable of obtaining most of the nutrition they need from the algae they will naturally find in their pond environment. In the wild, any pond fish will be able to be completely sustained from the pond in which it lives. Man made ponds do not offer the exact same utopian microcosm for fish. They cannot meet the food needs of fish on their own, which is why people must add pond koi fish supplements to their ponds for the fish to eat. These foods will be specially formulated blends to offer maximum nutrition to fish. And, there are different foods for different needs in fish and those vary by season.

The balance of the eco system in a pond is set off by the fish that live there and their natural waste. The fish eliminate in the water and that matter sinks to the bottom of the pond with other naturally occurring waste. When they join and settle at the bottom of the pond these materials join with naturally occurring bacteria to begin the fist of several chemical reactions. After the chemical reactions take place they form nitrates which serve as a food source for plants and algae in the pond. If there are too many nitrates, there will be too much algae. That might seem like a good thing since fish eat algae, but fish need proteins as well and when protein is eliminated by fish it makes more waste, which helps to exacerbate the problem all over again. This is why pond koi fish supplements and foods should be used exactly as their labels recommend.

If your fish do become sick, there are many medicated pond koi fish supplements you can feed your fish to help them heal. These foods contain antibiotics which will cure infections and secondary infections in your fish if they are fed according to the package instructions. You might think that an antibiotic in this form would damage the ecological system of the pond, but the antibiotics must be metabolized by fish in order to be activated and are not strong enough to do damage to filter bacteria.

If you can learn how to carefully use pond koi fish supplements, you will be able to meet the nutritional needs of your fish and cure them when they need it.