Read About Types of Pond Turtle Food

There are several types of pond turtle food for you to select for your hard shelled friends. You’ll want to find the perfect food for your pet turtles to ensure they receive the proper levels of nutrition and are able to maintain optimum health.

Often times, you will find your pond turtles eating the fish food you add to your pond for koi, carp and goldfish. This is fine, as these foods are usually quite nutritious, but you may want to be a little careful if you find your turtles are eating more of the fish food than the fish are. You will want to learn a bit more about the types of pond turtle food which are available to you and what each of these foods will offer your turtles.

Turtles do need a diet high in protein. Knowing this can lead some turtle owners down the wrong track and they will begin feeding their turtles dog and cat foods, thinking that they will be feeding them more of the protein they need. The protein in these foods is great for turtles, but they are usually far too high in fat for turtles to be able to safely consume. These high fat mammal foods will eventually begin to damage the digestive systems of your pond turtles. Instead, you should look for foods which do serve the specific nutrient needs of pond turtles.

Many of the types of pond turtle foods will look and feel a lot like dog or cat food kibble. They may either be semi soft foods or they might be a bit harder. These foods are quite a bit different from canine and feline foods. They are made of high quality plant and vegetable material and low fat/high protein sources. If you follow the instructions on the packages you will be able to help boost the overall health of your turtles.

Shrimp pellets are another of the great types of pond turtle food you can feed your turtles. These are made from dehydrated shrimp and then that shrimp material is fabricated into pellets which sink in ponds to encourage turtles who survey the bottom of ponds for food sources.

Many of the best types of pond turtle food will be blends of insects, animal proteins, vegetable and plant materials to ensure your turtle receives the best food possible. Research these foods and know what is best for your turtle and you will be able to offer your pets many different types of pond turtle food.