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Three Most Popular Pond Fish

The three most popular pond fish are goldfish, koi, and the orfe. The two most popular though are the goldfish and their distant cousins, the Koi. In addition to the gold, there are other colors too such as yellow-gold varieties called Canaries, white ones called Pearles and the spotted ones are known as Orioles. Of the three most popular pond fish, the standard goldfish have many varietites that are popular such as the Shubunkins, Fantails and Comets. Most outdoor pond fish are the freshwater type that can handle varied water temperatures; the tropical and saltwater fish are really not suitable fish for a pond. Opinions vary, but Koi rank as number one or two on the scale of the three most popular pond fish. As a member of the carp family, they are very popular, primarily because of their large size and their fantastic colors. These fish can be black, white, yellow, blue or red and many have more than one color marking. These can be very expensive or very inexpensive depending on the quality of the fish. These fish can cohabitate with goldfish like Comets and Shubunkins very well; they also get along well with tropical fish. Koi can live up to 35 years if well cared for and can get as large as several feet long. Goldfish are the other contender for the number one spot in the list of the three most popular pond fish. Shubunkins are types of goldfish that are also known as Calico Goldfish. They have long bodies and a single tail, but they come in an amazing variety of colors, including red, brown, blue, yellow and violet. Shubunkins get along well with Koi and Orfe, but are not as friendly with slow-moving varieties of fish. Other fish include Comet Goldfish, a very tough fish and durable variety. The last of the three most popular pond fish are the orfe. This breed is an ideal pond fish as they are hardy and adaptable; Orfes are also very sociable fish and should be kept in schools of three or more. This is a breed that is a very fast swimmer and due to this, they need a lot of oxygen; this leads to them spending much time near the surface of their pond. Orfe like to jump and catch bugs and so, occasionally, you will find that they have jumped out of the pond. The beauty of the orfe is that they get along with the top two of the three most popular pond fish and encourage them to play and spend time near the surface as well. Whether you choose one or all of the three most popular pond fish to populate your pond with, be sure that you get varieties that will cohabitate well and that are durable. A general rule of thumb is to have one fish per gallon of water that your pond holds; this will typically keep your pond from being over crowded. Keep in mind that your fish will grow, so you may want to consider one fish for every gallon and a half or two gallons. Remember, populating a fish pond is not an exact science and it will take time to feel comfortable with what you have. Just enjoy the experience of learning about the three most popular pond fish and take your time choosing who is right for you.