Read About Choosing Your Pond Location


Choosing your pond location is the first step toward building the garden you have always dreamed of. Location is key and there are many things that you might want to consider when choosing the perfect location for your pond.

First of all, your pond is going to need six hours of sunlight, at the very least. Sunshine is essential for your pond to be able to flourish. You want your pond to be the best it can be so choosing your pond location will also be the most crucial step you take. When choosing your pond location, try not to directly place your pond under trees for this very reason. Where there are trees, there is shade. The shade may block the pond from receiving the optimum amount of sunshine.

Next, do not forget to think about the view when choosing your pond location. Do you have a favorite room in your home that you use the most? You want to be able to enjoy your pond from inside your home as well. Consider placing it somewhere it can be seen from the windows in your home. This will ensure your pond can be enjoyed from both the indoors and outdoors.

Low maintenance may also be your goal when choosing your pond location. Placing your pond under many trees can become quite a pain. You want your pond to be beautiful and enjoyable. You don’t want to spend hours each week cleaning out leaves and other debris from the trees. You may also consider putting down some sort of trail or pathway leading to your pond. Since your pond will be a popular spot, you don’t want the grass to get ruined from traffic.

I would also recommend avoiding low lying areas for your pond. You absolutely do not want your pond to turn into Imagea sloppy drainage pit after a rainstorm, talk about a nightmare. When choosing your pond location, pick an elevated spot to avoid this problem.

Try to picture your pond in different areas of your garden. Do you have a patio or a favorite sitting area already in place? Maybe your pond would look nice positioned next to your patio or entertainment area outside. Is there a blank area that is just dying for something to spice it up?

Whether your pond will be large or small, you still want to make sure you pick the absolute best location possible. Remember that a healthy, beautiful location is the foundation for a healthy, beautiful pond. Be sure to always keep this in mind when choosing that perfect spot to begin construction.