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Pond Construction

There are a few things to consider when deciding how to construct a pond. Here are some basics of Pond Construction.

How Will You Use Your Pond?

First you need to decide what you will be keeping in the pond. Will it strictly be an aquatic plantgarden or are you planning on adding fish or turtles? Koi require lots of space so koi ponds tend to be a lot larger than other ponds. Koi ponds need to go to depths of at least three feet. Water gardens and goldfish ponds can be more shallow.

Location, Location, Location

After deciding on the purpose, you'll need to pick a pond location. Choose an area that is relatively close to your home and easy to see and enjoy all year. Think about where the rain runs off and locate the pond where it will not receive a lot of runoff. Placing a pond under trees is asking for trouble because pond life requires plenty of sunlight and falling leaves will create a mess in your pond.

Creative Pond Design

The best pond design incorporates graduated depths. Forty percent should comprise the deepest portion. Thirty percent should be of intermediate depth and the remaining thirty percent will comprise the shallow end. The colder your climate, the deeper a koi pond should be to protect them in winter.

For a natural looking edge, don't just ring your pond with stones. If you build a foot-deep shelf around the pond you can place a layer or two of thin stones along the shelf making the edge look more natural. Further naturalize the pond edge with shallow water plants.