Read About Leaking Pond

A leaking pond can happen to anyone at any time. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this nuisance. No matter what size pond you have, you have to detect where the leak is coming from. Once you identify the leak, the solution is just around the corner.

Let’s say you have a larger leaking pond. Obviously you will have a great deal more area to cover in order to find the leak but it is not completely impossible. You can either hire someone to do this or, of course, you can do this yourself. Some suggestions I can give you is to use cement or builder’s plastic to try and fill Imagethe leak. You may also consider adding some clay, bentonite, plastic or vinyl linings.

If you have a smaller pond, then your fix will mostly likely be a much easier one to deal with. It will definitely be easier to identify what is causing the leaking pond. First, you must know that some water loss is normal due to evaporation. Turn off any waterfalls or flowing water you have to your pond and monitor it for a day or two. If there is a significant amount of leakage then you know what you have to do, fix it!

Often times when you have a leaking pond, it is your pond liner, water wicking, or a plumbing leak. These are typically easy to identify. If you can’t find the hole in your liner then you are going to have to spread it out, get under it and search until you see light shining through. You can buy a pond patching kit at any pool and pond store for a small amount of money.

The best way to check your pond for leaks is to fill it with water and turn the pump off completely. Let the pond sit there for about 24 hours. Then go and Imagecheck to see if the water level has lessened. If the water level hasn’t dropped then it may be the plumbing.

If you still need any help checking your pond or if you have further questions you can always consult a professional or your local pool and pond store. A leaking pond is not the most fun situation for any pond owner but most likely it can be fixed on your own, without seeking the help of a professional. If you do find yourself with a leaking pond then don’t worry, it can be fixed quickly and without an extreme amount of effort.