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Pond Freshwater Fish Species

A pond is a beautiful and calming addition to any yard or garden. Here's what you need to know about Pond Freshwater Fish Species.

Adding fish to your pond will add dramatic color and interest for you and your houseguests. Many pond fish can withstand wide ranges in temperature and water conditions if you provide proper oxygenation levels and sufficient filtering, making them wonderful, low-maintenance pets.

Fancy Goldfish

If you have a small pond, fancy goldfish are an option but they will need to be brought inside during the cold winter months and kept in an aquarium until the weather warms again. A simple goldfish pond with a small fountain in the middle is inexpensive and provides a calming place to relax. You may have to install a wire covering to protect your fish from raccoons and other predators.

Comets and Shubunkin

If your pond is at least 18" deep and 500 gallons, Sarasa comets, pond comets and shabunkin will add interest and color. These single-tailed goldfish have brilliant red and white patches, are completely red-orange or have mottled patterns of white, black and orange. They require a gravel substrate, rocks and hearty plants and a filtration system. They grow in proportion to their surroundings and will get quite large in a big pond.

Japanese Koi

Japanese koi require a pond of at least 1,000 gallons with similar pond conditions to comets. Koi love to eat plant roots and will dig to get at them so position rocks around the base of plants to prevent the fish from destroying them.