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Pond Frogs

You can add a lot of interesting character to your yard by creating a frog-friendly pond. Here's what you need to know about Pond Frogs.

Keeping a Natural Balance in Mind

Before you set about building your pond, get to know a lot about the native frog species in your area. Introducing non-native species is never a good idea. Not only will it be a challenge to meet the non-native frogs' needs, but they may scamper off into the wild to create a new population that can really offset the balance of the local ecosystem.

To attract frogs, re-create their favorite habitat in your yard. In general, frogs like easy access to a water source, so gently sloping pond sides are inviting. If you use a pre-formed plastic pond liner, place rocks along the edges to make it more accessible to your web-footed friends. Frogs like still water so forego the fountains and waterfalls. Fish may look nice, but they're a natural frog predator so keep them out of a frog-friendly pond. Plants in and around the pond will provide hiding places and cooling shade. Letting the grass grow around the pond is another way to make frogs feel more secure and to attract the insects they love to eat.

Consider building an inconspicuous wire fence around the pond to help keep predators away. If you have pets that will frighten frogs, keep them away from that part of your yard. Remember that pesticides and insecticides have no place in and around a frog pond. Create a frog oasis and you'll be treated to a croaky chorus in no time.