Read About Pet Frogs And Toads

Pet frogs and toads are amphibians without tails that are sometimes mistaken for one another. Everything you need to know about them is contained in this article.

Pet frogs and toads - Facts

  1. Description:

    Frogs have eyes that bulge and have strong hind feet that are webbed. The frog is great at leaping and likes to swim. The toad will usually prefer a dry land environment. Toads tend to walk instead of leaping.
  2. Varieties:

    Frogs come in many varieties including: bullfrogs, river frog, and American green tree frog. Toads vary as well including: cane toad and American toad.
  3. History:

    Frogs are live on every continent. Toads are exist worldwide except in the Polar regions. Science declares that toads are frogs, even with their differences.
  4. Physical Traits:

    Frogs have slimy, smooth skin and absorb water through their skin. They also lay their eggs in piles. On the other hand, toads have dry skin that has warts and lay their eggs in a chain-like pattern. Frogs have long tongues, while toads have very short tongues.
  5. Other Defining Characteristics:

    Frogs have small teeth used to keep their prey from getting away, while toads are toothless. Frogs and toads both shed their skin. Toads and frogs will sing to attract a companion, define their territory, or if the weather starts changing. They both will also squeak if hurt.
  6. Habitat:

    Frogs like tropical environments. Toads can adapt to wetlands but prefer the drier type of climate. Gardens, ponds, and marshes attract these creatures.

Pet frogs and toads - Concerns

  1. Benefits:

    Both frogs and toads like to eat insects, so they are helpful to our ecosystem
  2. Liabilities:

    Frogs and toads have many predators, such as birds, snakes, and lizards.
  3. Health Issues:

    Frogs and toads in captivity can live long healthy lives if taken care of. A visit to a vet is necessary to keep your animal;s health monitored. Red leg, bone disease and parasites can cause the illness or death of a toad or frog.
  4. Specific Care Needs:

    A shelter for a toad or frog could be a tank with potting soil water or water with hiding places in a quiet location. Crickets are good food source for both the frog and the toad.
  5. Reaction to Children and other Pets:

    Frogs and toads should not be handled. Besides the stress that handling can cause the animal, frogs and toads can be a source of bacteria harmful to humans.
  6. Special Household Needs:

    The temperature of the frog or toads envirnment needs to be controlled either by light source or heater.

Pet frogs and toads - How to Choose

  1. What to Look for:

    If your frog or toad is not eating, is listless, or sitting in water all day, this can be a sign of the animal not feeling well. You should make sure your pets eyes are clear.
  2. Supplies:

    Vitamins or mineral supplements are occasionally needed to supplement the diet of a frog or toad. Before administering these items, you should check first with your vet.
  3. Expense:

    Once the habitat is initially setup, the care of a frog or toad is not that expensive.