Read About The Best Frogs for Children

With such a huge variety of pet frogs available for families it is easy to be confused about the best frogs for children. Study up on frogs from a frog book with your kids before you set out to find a pet for them. Children have to understand from the beginning of their frog journey that frogs are a pet that does not like to be cuddled or hugged and probably wont take well to training.

Usually the best pets for children are the ones that require the least amount of specialty care. Frogs can be very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and maintaining their aquariums can be quite a chore. That said an older child may be able to keep frog that is a little more labor-intensive. Know your child, know the frog species and keep a careful eye on what goes on between the two.

Hands down, some of the easiest frogs to have as children’s pets are aquatic frogs. They only need a big enough tank with a good lid and a quality sinking food. The most common are the African Dwarf Frog, the African Clawed Frog and the African Albino Clawed Frog. African Dwarfs are rarely more than an inch and a half in length at maturity which automatically draws children in. If purchased young, the frogs may be smaller than a dime, but use caution when purchasing them. Frogs that are easy to catch or are extremely small may be harder to keep healthy and if frogs start to have health problems, they usually succumb fairly quickly. Protect your investment by making sure you choose a healthy frog. Cousins to the Dwarf are the African Clawed Frog and the African Albino Clawed Frog. These get much larger than the Dwarfs do. There are some similarities in appearance between the regular variety and the African Dwarf, not including their obvious size difference. Albinos are most commonly white but can be peach or pink colored too. The clawed varieties have claws on their front feet and their eyes are not as flat as the Dwarfs’.

If looking into terrestrial frogs, a great choice is the Oriental Fire Bellied Toad. These are relatively smaller than many varieties of frogs and are incredibly simple to care for. They are very attractive with flashy coloration and are fun to watch because they are extremely active. To meet their health needs they only require crickets fortified with a frog food supplement every couple of days. They do not hibernate and only need a small water dish in their enclosure for hydration and humidity.

Frogs can make great pets and offer a life expectancy of about four to six years if well cared for. Kids can certainly benefit from the responsibility of caring for any pet, but frogs can be fun and exciting for them. Read with your children about frogs and find out what each species has to offer so you can form an opinion on the best frogs for children.