Read About The Most Popular Frog Species

Frog enthusiasts have never met a frog they didn’t like, but what makes the most popular frogs so popular? Sometimes it is their behavior, sometimes their lifestyle and other times it is their size, or lack thereof.

Smaller frogs are generally a bit more popular because they are less labor-intensive. African Dwarf Frogs, which are completely aquatic, are one of the smaller frogs available and frog care doesn’t get much easier than theirs. Their only requirements outside of an aquarium are a lid on the tank and a good quality sinking food. Another popular small frog is the Oriental Fire Bellied Frog, which is a terrestrial frog and only needs water for a drink and the humidity. These frogs eat crickets dusted with a supplement to boost nutrition, and don’t mind mealworms either. Fire Bellies are one of the more active frog species and are really an attractive pet to have.

A little larger than these are the African Clawed Frogs and Albino Clawed Frogs, cousins of African Dwarf Frogs. They get quite a bit larger than Dwarfs, but are just as easy to care for. Another terrestrial frog which does obtain a bit more size is the White’s Tree Frog. They are very good-natured but lack excitement. They are content to hang out on a limb in their aquarium. Their food sources are insects including crickets and mealworms.

For those looking for larger frogs, the Pac Man is an obvious choice. These frogs become huge adults, roughly the size of a salad plate. They are traditionally called Ornate Horned Frogs, but earned their newer, more popular name from their happy Pac Man looking face. Bullfrogs and Budgettes Toads are also larger frogs. None of these larger frogs are very active. They also need more than a cricket or two to sustain their health: these guys eat mice. They start out with baby mice and if the frog gets large enough, they will start eating adult mice. These frogs can also bite from time to time, so caution must be taken when feeding and caring for them. The appeal these amphibians have is primarily size and their overall appearance.

Most of the more popular frog species don’t require hibernation, but the larger frogs sometimes do. The ease in care of the well-known frog types is one of the key factors in the list of the most popular frogs.